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Brand Diverse Solutions was founded with the purpose of serving the F&B industry’s start-up premium category. F&B is always evolving with new products to meet consumer demand, whether it’s a new company or a new product launch. We closely align with organizations that do more than just sell a product and that are triple -bottom-lined. We offer the following services and more tailored to your organization.

From idea to concept, concept to finished product, everything before, during and after, Brand Diverse Solutions can assist you through it all.

Management Consulting

 Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Operations Management

Regulatory Affairs

Customer Service Management 

IT Consulting

 Strategic Planning

Web Development



  3. Product Development

FDA Compliance

Good Manufacturing Practices 


GS1 Barcodes


Kosher | Fair Trade | Organic | NON-GMO

Carbon Neutral

Demand Planning


USDA Organic: No matter what your F&B product is, if you’re putting quality first and using organic, you should consider applying for the USDA Organic Seal to place on your packaging. This will tell your customers that you have been verified.   

Fair Trade: As we become more and more conscience of our consumption and how our consumption impacts the world, becoming Fair Trade certified will give your consumers confidence you are fair to those who make your company whole. 

Non-GMO: Wonder how the entire world can produce and waste as much food as we do. GMO’s. They allow for the products to be manipulated so that they grow faster and bigger, giving farmers higher yields and quicker payouts. Some GMO’s have been tied to cancers and other medical issues. Using Non-GMO ingredients in your product is an added confidence that your consumer is purchasing wholesomeness.

B-Corporation: are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.


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